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Building Electric Guitars

How to make solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars and bass guitars

ISBN 3-901314-07-5
Paperback 236 pages
229 drawings
642 photos

Everything from the first steps of design to the final set-up of of solid-body, hollow-body1 and semi-acoustic2 electric guitars is covered step by step in this book. It contains a section about winding your own pickups and another on active guitar electronics. The last chapter is about visits to Steve Jarman Guitars (UK), Sadowsky Guitars (US) and PRS-Guitars (US)

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(Table of contents, pages 112, 113, 114 and 115)

1 The term hollow-body guitar is used for a solid-body guitar with hollowed-out body and glued on top.

2 The term semi-acoustic guitar refers specifically to guitars like Gibson's ES335. The body consists of a thin top and back plate and the sides are bent from thin strips of wood. A solid block of wood runs down the center of the body. Building a semi-acoustic guitar has more in common with building an acoustic guitar than building an electric.

Koch merely uses the bare basics as a jumping off point, going on to describe electric guitar construction in a thorough and orderly manner for those who aren't tool-deprived. He often describes several methods of accomplishing the same task, then suggests that one might be more useful than the others. I like his blend of fact and opinion, and he's always careful to maintain a bit of distance between the two.
John Calkin in American Lutherie, the quartely journal of The Guild of American Luthiers. Read the entire review.
Dear Mr. Koch, I would like to begin my comments with high praise for your book. I have read it and re-read it until the binding and cover have fallen to disrepair, and I draw much inspiration and instruction from it. My teenage sons, who are normally loathe to read books of any sort (typical for American youth, I'm afraid), are also deeply absorbed in the text and the pictures on the CD-ROM version. We three have begun planning and building our instruments, drawing deep inspiration from "Building Electric Guitar". And so, I thank you for illuminating our way.
Chris Munschy, USA
I received your book, CD ROM and plan last week from Stew Mac, and I have not put the book down yet. It is fantastic and straight to the point. I love the bits of technical info and advise you offer through the book. The CD ROM really compliments the book as well.
Greg Williamson, Australia
I must say, so far this is the best book I have seen on guitar building - practical, straightforward and helpful. I will be sending a couple of photo's when I have finished my first effort!
Gary Thompson, United Kingdom

Some of the guitars made for writing the book

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