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Second Edition 2002
ISBN 3-901314-08-3

CD-ROM: Build Your Solid-Body Guitar

Multimedia CD-ROM for Windows and Mac OS


This multimedia compact disc brings the complete guitar building process to life, through detailed text, color pictures, and 45 minutes of video and sound. A video clip is linked to the text and photos at each stage of construction. A minimum of tools is used. Router, power drill and jigsaw are the most expensive tools used on this CD. Take a look at the wood needed.

Additional value: The disc also includes printable templates, hardware list and fret placement chart, and a nonprintable PDF version of the eBook Building Electric Guitars.

This is a factory-made compact disc CD-ROM not a CD-R.

Sample screenshots (reduced size)

The coolest thing about this good book (Building Electric Guitars) is the bound-in CD-ROM. All of the info in the book is presented in large type (depending, of course, on the size of your monitor) and with large color pictures. The author offers templates of his double-cutaway guitar body and headstock that can be printed out. Slickest of all, though, many of the operations are demonstrated in excellent little movies of the author at work. The awkwardness of video tape is eliminated by the ease with which any given clip can be clicked on. Very sweet.
John Calkin in American Lutherie, the quartely journal of The Guild of American Luthiers. Read the entire review.
I was just watching some of the videos on the CD. They are fantastic! I am building my first guitar now and many of the steps intimidated me. There are many video clips on this CD which makes all the steps way less intimidating. It is so cool to be able to see someone actually making a guitar. I am way more confident and I definitely recommend the CD.
Peter Michaux, Canada
hey! i finally got a chance to try out the cd. it came later than the book for some reason. anyway, the cd is AMAZING! i thought that the pictures and the texts were ok, until i realized that each section had its own video!!! WOW!!! so then i spent the next couple hours watching each section like twice! GREAT camera work, too! whoever did that, tell them they did a great job. and editing, too was outstanding for this kind of presentation! are you going to make one for acoustic guitar? that would rock! hey, and pretty soon you'll be able to burn your own dvd on a macintosh, so that's something to think about! then people could play it anywhere and just jump around in the chapters! how COOL woud that be?!!! very cool! one thing one of my professors thought would be nice is if you would talk during the video over the tool noise. just kind of a commentary during the video. i thought it'd be cool, too. something to think about for the next video! :-)
John Lehmkuhl, USA

Note for users of Adobe Reader version 6 or higher

Problem: Pages advance automatically and there is no way to stop this behaviour.

Solution 1:

  1. Install Adobe Reader 5 from the CD-ROM and make shure to open the START.PDF file with this version (You can have version 5 alongside with a higher version on your system).

Solution 2:

  1. Press the keyboard keys "Strg" and "L" (Windows) or "Command" and "L" (Mac OS) to leave the full screen mode of Adobe Reader.
  2. Choose from menu "Edit > Preferences"
  3. Choose "Full Screen"
  4. Check the box "Ignore all transitions" in the "Full Screen Appearence" section
  5. Press "Strg" and "L" again to enter the full screen mode
Adobe Reader behaves from now on, but you have to check this box every time you want to use the CD.

Detailed requirements

Windows System Requirements

Mac OS System Requirements

The CD-ROM contains Acrobat Reader 5.05 and QuickTime 5.02 for Windows and Mac OS in German and English language. You need 30 MB of available hard-disk space if you need to install this software.

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