My guitars

My very first instrument

It's a fretless bass because I didn't know how to determine fret positions. The neck is v-e-e-ry thick without a trussrod. The strings are clamped at the headside because I didn't know that there are special headless strings with two ballends available. The tuner unit is made of brass with 6 millimeters-diameter bolts. It works, but today I would use 3 millimeters bolts as their finer thread allows finer tuning. The bass has a through-the-body neck.

Two humbucker guitar

Made for my CD-ROM "Build Your Solid-Body Guitar".

Acoustic steel string guitar

I made this guitar in 2006 under supervision of Armin Dreier. It's the best sounding instrument I've built so far.

Gibson-style guitar

Electric guitar with glued-in neck. The two P90-style Pickups are wound by me. They are parallel connected in the middle position of the switch. I reversed the magnetic polarity in the other pickup to achieve a humbucking effect with both pickups on.

Lap steel guitar

Made for my book "it's easy to Build Your Own Lap Steel Guitar".

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