Free guitar building movies

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Acoustic guitars

Taylor Factory Fridays

Making of Gibson's Master Museum Acoustic Guitars

Livingstone Guitars LuthierCast Episodes

Building A Steel String Guitar with Steve Dickie

Building A Volbrecht

Luthier Tips du Jour by Robert O'Brien

Gitarrenbauer Werner Schär, Part 2, Part 3


Lute Maker Jason Petty

Archtop guitars

Jimmy Foster - Making an Archtop Guitar - Part 1

Semi-Acoustic Guitars

Re-Creating A Legend: The Eric Clapton Crossroads Gibson 335

Solid-body guitars

Fender Factory Tour - Corona, California

Fender Guitar Factory Tour

Building a Godin Guitar

Hamer Guitar Factory Tour Part 1

The Making Of A Gibson Guitar

Ruokangas Guitars Video Diary Episodes 1-14

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