Building a Lap Steel Guitar

Material needed

A note on the bridge used

I chose the Les Paul Junior bridge for its simplicity and easy availability and because it can be adjusted higher than the usual Fender-style bridges. There's no extra stringholder required, and for mounting the bridge you just have to drill two holes.
It has two features which are not required on a lap steel guitar: (a) it is radiused, and (b) it has a (non-adjustable) compensation built in. This compensation can be corrected (if necessary) by holding the steel slide parallel to the fixed saddles (instead of parallel to the frets). There isn't any adjustment possibility to get rid of the 12" saddle radius, though. I solved the problem by filing small notches into the saddles of all the strings except the 1st-string saddle. Cut the notches with nut files and deepen them until the tops of all the strings are at an equal height.

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