Building a Lap Steel Guitar

Tools needed

Cutting tools

Ryoba saw: I can really recommend that you buy a Japanese Ryoba saw. Japanese saws can have thin blades because their teeth cut on the pull stroke. There's no bending of the saw blade if used correctly. A Ryoba saw has two sides: the fine teeth are for cutting across the grain, and the large teeth on the other side speed things up considerably when cutting along the grain. Japanese saws are very popular among woodworkers, so you won't have any difficulty finding one at good woodworking tools suppliers. The only drawback I know of is that you have to blow away the saw dust rather frequently because there's always some there to cover your cut line. Ryoba saws are held at a low angle to prevent scratching the surface with the teeth of the other side when making deeper cuts.

Bow saw: A small bow saw with a narrow blade can be used instead of a band saw. My bow saw is a luxury model with a Japanese-style blade. This blade is also available as a spare part, if you should want to make your own bow saw. For this, you need three hardwood battens, four wood dowels, a threaded rod, two wing nuts and two washers.

Hack saw: Another saw needed for cutting metal is a standard hack saw.

One 1/2"(12mm) and one 1"(24mm)-wide chisel are needed for cleaning up the cavities.

A simple block plane will do for all the planing tasks required in Project One. You can spend a fortune on planes, and the quality you get is certainly worth the money. If you want a reasonably-priced, well-made plane, get a Record block plane.

File, rasp
One fine mill file and one half-round rasp is needed.

You need one rectangular and one curved scraper. Curved scrapers like the one shown in the picture are also called "goose-neck" scrapers.

Buy 80-grit, 120-grit and 180-grit sheets or small rolls of sandpaper.

Sanding block
Also needed is a sanding block. The "Rolls Royce" among sanding blocks is the one made by the Canadian company Veritas.

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