Building a Lap Steel Guitar

Tools needed

Special guitarbuilding tools

Nut files: If you want to do serious guitarbuilding, there's no way around expensive nut files. These special files, which are available from most suppliers of instrument-making tools, have teeth on their edges only and produce accurate, round-bottom nut slots. You don't have to buy all the different file sizes for making slots of different widths: wider slots can also be formed by simply rolling a file side-to-side. The thinnest nut files available are as thin as sawblades and therefore very fragile. The following four file sizes would make a good starter set: .016"/ .025"/ .032"/ .042" (0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1mm). It is also possible to cut out the slots with a saw first and to continue with a nut file.

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