Guitar building tips

Copying a guitar body

One possibility of getting a body outline would be to copy the outline of an already-existing guitar - if you have one at hand, that is, of course.

copying a body shape

For correctly transferring the sometimes odd shapes of guitar bodies onto paper you can use a simple jig: an oblique hole in a block of wood takes a pencil and makes it possible to follow the exact body outline.

Excerpt from the book Building Electric Guitars

A thought on copying:

I met J.J. Cale back in Nashville, and he's the guy who really set me on track building guitars that where different from everybody else's.
I remember I once built this real nice copy of a Gibson mandolin, and when I showed it to John, he took one look at it and said, "It's good all right, but why make a copy? It's only gonna be as good as a Gibson, and there's an awful lot of them around already.
Danny Ferrington, quoted from the book "Ferrington Guitars"
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